Thursday, May 31, 2012

We Are LM Gautreaux

The printed and bound manuscript perched on my desk is taunting me, its siren call a distraction from all the stuff I’m supposed to be doing to prepare for M’s arrival.  I promised not to touch it until she gets here from Florida.  Right now she’s on I – 10 hurtling to Louisiana so we can start editing tonight.

(Note to self: Don’t make stupid freaking promises.)

I’ve been sitting on my hands for the past five minutes so in lieu of breaking that promise to M, which would result in her kicking my ass, let me tell you how we got here.
In March M said, “I betcha we could write a book.”  (She’s been telling me this for years.)

But this time instead of saying yeah and moving our phone conversation right along, I told her, “Let’s do it.”

It’s now May, and we have a rough draft of 55,000 words.  Yep, that’s the manuscript calling to me like a lovely bar of Godiva.

Now don’t get me wrong.  We worked our asses off the past sixty days.  Writing a book isn’t easy by any means, and we might’ve written a really bad one.  We don’t happen to think so, but no one else has read the sucker yet .

But do you really wanna hear about all that right now?

Here’s what you need to know about us.

We’re tough, sassy, independent, and occasionally foul – mouthed.  We’re all grown up now, thank you very much, but we were once very bad girls.  We’ve kept each other’s secrets since 1994.  (Holy shit, that’s eighteen years ago!)  Folks think we’re respectable grown – ups, but M says we’ve got ‘em fooled.

We wrote a book and we’ll talk about it here some and probably try to get you to buy it when it’s released.  (Can you blame us?)

But we’ll talk more about our friendship and our men, step – mommyhood and the restaurant business, chronic pain and our multitude of illnesses, growing up on the bayou and growing up on a prison.

Fair warning – we will rant about the things we love and the things we hate, probably with a curse word or two thrown in (M would say three, but she’s not here so you don’t have to listen to her.)

We are LM Gautreaux.

I’m L.  She’s M.  (I’m the nice one.)


  1. You ladies should be so proud!! I can not wait to read this book because I knowing "L" like I do and having met "M" a few is going to be a wonderful book!!!

  2. Thank you, my dear friend. It'll definitely have some sass in it!