Friday, June 15, 2012

Paddling Down the Bayou of Memories

Last time I mentioned that M and I have known each other since 1994.  (Aarggh!  Getting too old, we are.)  We met in college and here’s the kicker    I didn’t like her one bit the first time we met. 

To be completely honest, I thought she was a beeyatch. 
I don’t believe I had a solid reason for this belief.

It might have had something to do with me being an unfriendly rascal myself.   But hey, I grew up on the grounds of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola so can you really blame me for having some “adjustment” issues freshman year?  (M’s gonna tell you some nonsense about me being reclusive because I was hopelessly devoted to a twisted high school boyfriend, but don’t listen to her.)
Strangely enough my next memory of her is of us being best friends.  (I’m sure there were some intermediate steps, but my swiss – cheese memory didn’t hold on to them.)  Seriously, the next college memory I have is of her crashing at my apartment and taking over my bed for extended periods of time as she recovered from various nefarious activities.  (No, I can’t tell you about those.)

Truly, that’s kinda indicative of how we roll.  Neither of us do anything half – assed.  We are totally committed to whatever we put our minds to.  That’s why I was such a good teacher and why she was able to open a successful restaurant in the middle of a freakin’ recession.
So back to our stroll down memory lane.  We didn’t lose touch like many college friends.  Somehow though our many moves and boyfriends and mistakes and jobs, we never grew apart; we’ve never been more than a phone call away from each other.   And here we are.

Kindred spirits, partners – in – crime, sisters of the heart – call us what you wish.
But the simple fact is friends such as we come along but once in a lifetime.  Thank goodness we weren’t too knuckle – headed to realize that.

Moonlight Call: A Tale of Southern Sass Update:  The never – ending edit is over and pristine copies now rest in the hands of our carefully chosen BETA readers.  May they slash and burn with glee!

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