Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Writing Companions

Writing is often a solitary pursuit.  Since M and I work together, some of that isolation is alleviated; however, we are four states away from each other.

So in the end, it still comes down to each of us and our laptop.

Our furpeople tend to disagree.

Here are Bailey the Beagle and JuJu chilling in front of the fire.


I adopted Bailey from our local pound the year I turned thirty so he's been with me longer than the hubby and the child.  JuJu meowed her way into our household two summers ago - the hubby rescued her from the street, and home she came.  (Her official name is July - the name of the street on which he found her - but we're a nickname loving family.)

I'm the only human in the house from 6:30 to 3:00, but I certainly don't lack for company.

Here's my usual writing spot - the twin bed in my office.

photo.JPG  They take up way more room than I do.

Bailey is much more likely to crawl under the bed and roost there, but JuJu feels a bit different about where she belongs in the office...


She also knows when I'm paying more attention to the writing than her...


My Bailey is a smidge camera shy, but JuJu is a total ham.  Here's RastaJu...

photo.JPG  Blame this one on my hubby - that's his hat she's wearing.

M really wants a pup, but house rebuilding and allergies are currently standing in the way.  For now, she has Laverne and Shirley, two kitties she and her fella rescued from a pizza box in a dumpster about five years ago.

Here's Shirley...

image.jpeg  There's something seriously wrong with you if you don't laugh at this pic!

And Laverne...

IMG_1067.JPG  Looks very regal, doesn't she?

And Shirley again...

IMG_1070.JPG  I believe this is Shirley's preferred sleeping position.

All of our animals came from the pound or were rescued from the street.  Let me step on my soapbox for a second...hold on...k, now I'm ready.

If you are looking for an addition to your family and you've already figured out the important stuff (who's gonna do the walking, who's gonna empty the litter box, etc., etc.), please consider visiting your local pound or animal shelter.  Bailey and JuJu and Lavergne and Shirley would appreciate it.

Oh, wait, hold on, M wants to get up on the soapbox with me...ouch, elbow!...k, she's ready.

M says, "Don't get a frickin' animal if you're not gonna take care of it."

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