Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photo Update on Winter Writing Workshop 2013

Man, we are cooking with, words.  The writing goes well.  Better than it has in months.

Everything just works better when M and I are in the same room, guzzling coffee, cracking ourselves up with bad lines, and plotting out that damn saggy middle.  We know the odds are that we will never live in the same town again, but we're already looking forward to the day when we can afford monthly weekend trips to each other.

So here's the update - we're figuring out the middle, adding some new action scenes, cutting some old scenes ruthlessly.  We hope to have the new rough manuscript finished tonight, which will give us the second week to do our final edit.

We're working with our amazing cover artist, Scarlett Rugers, to finalize our cover, which we will probably reveal on the blog before the book goes up for sale.  It's just too great to hide!

We're not announcing a launch date yet because we have a few sneaky promo plans we may put into place before we put Moonlight Call up for sale on Amazon.

Anyhoo, here's some pics of our work spaces here in Tally:

photo.JPG  Inside M's restaurant:  If you look way back in the left corner, my table hides behind that counter.

photo.JPG  My cozy table where I write and lurk while M is working

I love the artwork on the walls of her restaurant.

photo.JPG I picked this one one because Delie, one of our two main characters, gets in all sorts of trouble on a trawler.

These two are just cool:

photo.JPG             photo.JPG

photo.JPG  This one cracks M up!

Another of my faves: Anyone recognize this?


And of course, the hotel room:   

photo.JPG  Our writing nest - I tend to roost here while M is in the chair or on the floor or pacing about.

photo.JPG  Here's a section of our storyboard, which traveled with me from Louisana.

We have many fun hours ahead of us, but we're confident that when I leave next Sunday we'll have a manuscript ready to send over to our formatter.

Oh, and a little blog news.  We're planning on migrating to one under our penname, but we'll give you the details once we've made the move.

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